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Pool Care & Maintenance

Cleaning products developed specifically for cleaning tile, stone and grout surfaces are available at your local home improvement center (such as Home Depot® or Lowes®), or tile supplier (such as Dal Tile®, Arizona Tile®, etc.)

Vinegar, Bleach, Acids or products containing them should NEVER be used, as they can permanently damage stone and grout surfaces. Common household cleaners should also never be used, as they may contain dyes or oils that may stain grout and stone surfaces.


  1. Remove loose soil with a broom or vacuum.
  2. Remove hardened soil with a plastic scraper or putty knife.
  3. Using a cleaner specifically designed for your type of surface, damp mop or spot clean as necessary. Be sure to follow product directions.
  4. Thoroughly rinse all areas with clean, warm water.
  5. Allow area to dry before putting surface back into use.


  • Periodic care does not differ much from daily care.
  • If a sealer has been applied to the tile or grout surfaces, it may be desirable to remove it before cleaning. Only a stripping product recommended by the sealer manufacturer should be carefully used.
  • white scrub pad or white nylon scrub brush (NEVER use steel wool) should be used on the entire tile and grout surfaces. Dirty solution must be rinsed away with clean, warm water using a sponge or mop. Change rinse water often.
  • A recommended sealer should be applied after the surface has been allowed to thoroughly dry

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